Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kiss And Tell 007

BOLUJustify Full

I am blushing honestly. I have been doing that for a while. If you know what happened yesterday you will feel me TOTALLY! Boma Akpofure is AMAZING! Even though I know Bola had to have planned the whole taking her home part, I cannot deny the fact that I actually enjoyed my time out with her. The girl is simply amazing! I am in LOVE! You might say it is too early to love but please, Christ loved the church before the church dreamt of showing him a tiny bit of affection.

Eph 5:25- Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

OK. Maybe I am not her husband but I may be one day. GOSH! I sound like Bola. Am I obsessing? Do you think I am infatuated? Honestly I have never ever felt like this before. Maybe it’s because I have liked Boma for like forever. Anyways, less talk... a recap on last night.


I go back to where Boma is sitting and immediately she hands me the keys
“I presume you know you are taking me home today?” she tells me
“Yep. Bola sent me a text”
“OK. Let’s go then”
“Now?” I asked. OK? What was I thinking?
“Yes. Everyone has left. Or do you want to stay?”
“No oh! I am fine. I think I have ‘partied’ enough for one night
“OK” She laughs as she stands up and makes her way to the exit of the club as I follow behind.


We get into the car and HONESTLY I am a nervous wreck. I mean its Boma. What was Bola thinking? Driving Boma home was different from driving anyone home. I mean IT IS BOMA! I know I have said that again but IT IS BOMA!!!!!!!!!
“Bolu?” Boma calls my name, bringing me back to reality
“Yes” I answer. The answer sounded more like a whisper
“I think it is the part where you start the car. The key has been in the ignition for a while”
“Oh. Right. OK. Here we go” I was about to start the car when I remembered that I had no clue where Boma lived
“Umm Boma?” I asked her. Why does my voice sound so frail? I am not a frail person.
“Yes?” she replied me again. She was looking into my eyes. I wanted to MELT!
“Where do you live?” I asked her. I was staring at the car keys by the way.
“Gwarinpa? You mean you come all the way from Gwarinpa?”
“Yep. The suite life of Boma!”
“OK” She actually got me laughing.
“Just drive. I will give you directions to my crib when we get to Gwarinpa. Aite?”
“OK” I start the car and begin to drive


We were almost arriving at Boma’s house and we are talking. Having a real conversation and laughing. I just told her my one time dream to be Michael Jackson when I was 10. Only Bola knew about it and trust me ONLY her knew.
“Are you serious? To actually think that you could do the moon walk at one point of your life. You are not that bad after all Boluwatife Kehinde Abayomi-Coker” Boma said as we were laughing. She looks very amazing when she smiles.
“So you know my full name?” I asked her
“Your TWIN sister is my BFF. I am expected to know everything about the Abayomi-Coker’s” She told me
“So why did you give up dancing?”
“It was a childhood dream I had. My dancing era is long gone”
“Really? I think that you have just lost your moves”
“I could never lose my moves” I told her
“I challenge you to a dance battle and this is the part where you take a left. My house is down the street”
I looked at her and burst out laughing and turned back to face the road still grinning to myself.
“OK what?” she asks me
“I agree. My house. 5 pm tomorrow. My house” I tell her
“No. You will have home advantage. Dance studio. Music Department. 5pm. Be on time” she said. The girl s so determined.
“OK” I told her. We approach a black and white gate and Boma tells me that’s her house. I park in front of the house.
“So... here we are” I tell her
“It was nice talking to you. You still got a lil’ bit of cool in you. Guess Bola was right” She said and all I could do was smile.
“Goodnight Bolu” she said and before I knew what was happening she planted a kiss on my cheek and bolted out the car and all I could do was shout good night to her shadow.

So here I am now. I am going to have to leave the office early. At least the other IT staff will be happy that at least I am not forming efficient today. I know it will be wired going to school to go and dance when you are supposed to be on IT but please jo... Boma calls.



My brother has hit the JACKPOT! Yes oh! My brother is balling tight! And yes... Boma likes him. It is so obvious. At least from the gist he gave me and for the fact that he will leave his IT work and come to school to come for a dance comp with a girl. This is so cool. I know it is weird for a person to encourage your BFF going out with your brother but please... it’s Bolu. It means there is hope for is social skills and even if they don’t end up together, Boma will rub off on him a little, but please oh... they should end up together. They will be perfect for each other and they are very wonderful, beautiful, nice people with a heart as pure as a dove. (OK, I am not sure a dove is pure but whatever)

Fola Carter is the bomb. I am hooked on him for sure. After we left the club we just drove to his house and honestly his house his fine. After meeting his siblings (his folks were not around), he took me to another building in the house. Somehow we got on the roof of that building and there were lounge chairs there. I was surprised but he told me to relax. After we were comfortable, he told me to look at the stars. Didn’t get the concept until he told me to count them. I started but I couldn’t. He then looks me in the eyes and tells me that the same way I can’t count the stars is the way his love for me cannot be counted (Bolu says what he said does not make sense. I told him “at least Fola says something”).

He went further to say that the love he has for me cannot be measured and that no mortal mind can comprehend the intensity and depth of it. The boy is amazing. He then gets down on his knees and brings out a PROMISE RING!!! My baby gave me a promise ring. Please don’t hate on me. After that we made out till...

Anyways, I am in class now listening to my lecturer blab about how the global economic crisis is affecting the Nigerian economy. Who cares about the Nigerian economy when there is Fola Carter? In crisis, in poverty, in famine, in pain, in suffering, in everything, I will be OK if he is with me. He is all I need right now. I know he loves me, he told me... I mean the way he kisses me and his smile... or the way he holds me... the way he is always looking out for me. Please oh... I AM SO IN LOVE!!! I have to go now. I think I should start writing poetry. Maybe Bolu could give me a few pointers. Let me try and write a poem for Fola though.


P.S- Urban Bohemian clothes are on sale at the Urban Bohemian shop at Ceddi Plaza in Abuja and the Palms Shopping Mall in Lekki.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kiss And Tell 006


I am so happy nothing can kill my joy. Can you believe it? I won best fashion designer at the recently concluded Nigerian Fashion Week. I know all 'em haters will start hating but really... you had to have been there. Urban Bohemian tore the place up. And you should have seen our cover girl... the ever spectacular Boma... The girl sure knows how to strut her stuff on the runway. I thought the show as gonna be a disaster at first but it all worked out. Thank you Jesus! And Bolu modelled...yes oh! My introverted reclusive brother was on the runway. It was so cool to finally see him do something very different...adding that my brother is a hottie.

Speaking of hotties, guess who else was an emergency model for Urban Bohemian. Yes yours truly and her cute sexy boyfriend, Fola Carter. Yea... when Fola walked on that stage... EVERYONE and I mean EVERY INDIVIDUAL knew someone was on that runway. Girls were screaming and guys were covering the eyes of their girlfriends. I am blessed I know that. I love you Lord!

I am applying finishing touches to my makeup. We are back in Abuja and I am taking everybody out to celebrate, Bolu included. Trust me, it wasn't easy. Dele and I had to cajole him and beg and beg so yes, my brother agreed to come. I am so excited right now and nothing can kill my joy.


I can't believe I agreed to come out tonight. What was I thinking? This is not how I roll at all. Everyone seems to be having a good time. Fola and Bola are just lost in their conversation of whatever... Boma and Dele went to dance and somehow I have not seen them since so here I am...just looking around. I am only here 'cause of my sister... I am happy that she has something to be grateful for. OMG! Boma's coming...

"Hey Bolu! Having fun?" Boma asks me as she takes a seat opposite me.
"It's OK" I say....I am staring at the table
"OK? Is everything alright?"She asks me
"Yea" I look at her now. Lord have mercy! The girl is FINE! OMG! I dont wanna commit lust.
"If you say so. We have not had a decent converstaion in years Bolu"
"We have not?"
"Please... Dont act all suprised. You know it yourself. Anytime I try to strike a conversation you end up cutting it short'
"I dont do it on purpose. I am sorry"
"It's OK. So gimme gist. What's up with you?"
I am blank... What IS up with me?
"Nothing?"I look at her and she gave me the is he ok? look
"Really?" She said as she raised an eyebrow. I think it's getting hot in here
"Are you hot?"I said
"No. Is this place hot?" I asked her... I feel sick
"It's fine. Are you OK?" She touches my hand
"Excuse me" I have to go to the bathroom

10 minutes later

I am here in the bathroom. I just ruined another conversation with Boma. I need help. Send me help Lord...please...There's a message from Bola on my phone..

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEW TEXT MESSAGE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Hey!U re gon ve 2 take Boma home. I dropped the car keys with her. I am leavin with Fola. Dele's left already. See u soon. 143

OK... you have got to be kidding me.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Kiss And Tell 005


(The next day, Bolu is in Bola’s bedroom. They are having their usual brother to sister talk. Bola decides to go take a shower. Soon, her phone rings. Bolu sees Boma’s caller ID. He hesitates. Bola shouts from the bathroom, “Bolu could you answer that? I’ll be out in a sec!” The phone stops ringing. A couple of seconds later, the phone continues ringing and Bolu finally answers it)

BOLU: Hi...umm....Boma...hello?

BOMA: Bolu?

BOLU: Yea. Hi

BOMA: Hi Bolu! How you doing?

BOLU: Good...OK...very fine I guess

BOMA: OK? Are you alright?

BOLU: (Pacing nervously around the room) I am fine, very fine thank you.

BOMA: So where is Bola?

BOLU: She is in the shower. She’ll be out soon...she is fine she comes (He mouths B-O-M-A to Bola as she takes the phone from him. Bola has a towel tied around her chest and she is smiling to herself seeing that Bolu looked like he wanted to wet himself)

BOLA: Hey chica! Watagwan?

BOMA: I’m good. What’s up with Bolu?

BOLA: He is just kind of in a mood right now. Don’t worry (She sits down) I am sure he enjoyed talking to you VERY well (Bolu throws a pillow at her and leaves the room)

BOMA: If you say so, so what’s the 411? Gimme d full gist of what happened with your folks and Fola.

BOLA: I invited Fola to come meet my folks

BOMA: I really honestly don’t see why you did that. If your folks can’t warm up to me what makes you think they will accept Fola with arms wide open?

BOLA: I really don’t know why I did that. If you understand how I feel towards Fola, you will be able to know why I did what I did. I have never felt this way before. Not with Chidi or Farouk or Kevwe or any other guy I have dated. This is deeper and way different. We connect on a different level.

BOMA: If that is how you feel, I totally understand but you should have waited a while longer. Did your parents find out that he’s an atheist?


BOMA: (Bursts into laughter) OMG! I am so sorry. I just had to laugh (Still laughing) what did they say?

BOLA: They called me to their room and gave me the 3rd degree. They said they will pray for me to come back to my first love.

BOMA: And who might that be?

BOLA: God!

BOMA: Where you ever away from him?

BOLA: My sister, I know no oh... Na funny tory sha...

BOMA: So how is Fola handling it?

BOLA: He said he understands and that I should not fret over it ‘because he loves me no matter
our beliefs. He is sticking to me like glue.

BOMA: Awwww... but honestly, Fola scares me. He strikes me as a player and someone who just knows the right things to say. I feel you should watch your back with the way he declares his ‘love’ for you.

BOLA: I know how you feel and Bolu feels the same way but trust me, I know he loves me.

BOMA: OK are you nervous about the fashion show. Girl it’s in TWO DAYS!

BOLA: I KNOW!!! I am not nervous sha...the world should just get ready ‘cause the news clothes from UB kicks major ass. OMO dey no fit handle am!

BOMA: Yes Oh! Let them know wassap! I got to go dearie. We’ll see u tonight.

BOLA: No wahala. Love you

BOMA: Love you 2. Ciao (Click)


Dear Lord,

I really don’t know what is up with me. The feelings I have for Boma are strong Lord and I want to fight it. I mean she doesn’t strike me as the Proverbs 31 woman and you can’t change people if they don’t want to change themselves. So Lord, I beg you, please help me. Anytime I see her, my heart skips a beat and anytime she speaks it’s like...

The pastor on Sunday said that you love me so much that you care about the littelest details of my life. So help me Lord. Help me. Tell me what to do. I need a word from you O Lord. Please. In Jesus Name. Amen

And Lord break off Bola’s relationship with Fola. You told us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers so Lord please...make it end. Let her catch him cheating or something. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Kiss And Tell 004


OK...I am currently in Lagos and apparently in my parents house. Nigerian Fashion Week is starting next week and there is much that needs to be done. Some models said they were not interested cuz dey were about to write exams...and they had not recovered from the whole easter celebration. Please, I have exams in May also and I will rather be anywhere than be in Lagos. The town just sucks! Honestlty. I really should talk to the organisers of the fashion week to move the show to Abuja. Anyways, I am just tired and I am trying to get some sleep. My parents and I got into a huge arguement. They wanted to know what was up with me and blah blah blah. They should get a grip, honestly. The last time I checked I will be 21 come May. I am almost an adult meaning that I should be responsible for making my own decisions. I pay my bills myself. That ought to count for something. Are you feeling me? Their main issue is my lifestyle. They expect me to be like Bolu and I have explained to them over and aver again that I cannot be like Bolu in a 1000 years. My brother has no social life and I cant live with that.

Speaking of Bolu, we made up and please dont even go there. Whatever happened between us is in the past. It is what siblings do, we fight. He is even in Lagos with me helping me out for the fashion week. Trust me, I had to convince him over and over again to take a leave from work. You know he is on IT. Anyways, after beggin and beggin, my brother decided to find his way to Lagos. It's cool to have him around, it's just that I hate when our parents start to comapre us. Boma wanted to stay with us but my folks said no. "There is no way we will let that bad influence under our roof". The exact words of my father. Bolu looked bummed. I was too.

Fola Carter is just amazing. I love that boy till death. He is too amazing. He decided to come to Lagos to be with me through it all. What more could a girl ask for in a guy? Anyways, I am introducing him to my folks tonight. This will make him the first boyfriend my parents are meeting. I hope it doesnt turn out to be a disaster. Gotta go now, I want to pray that God makes tonight a night I wont forget.



Bola is just very stupid! Yes, I said it. I have a right to she is my sister (You dont have a right to sya that though). Excuse me? Bringing your boyfriend to meet your folks when you yourself are not on a good rapour with them. Men, I thought she had a little brain. She is so in for it. This is exactly what happened. Mum and dad were watching the news in the sitting room when the doorbell rings. Apparently, Bola forgot her guest was coming so my dad ends up answering the door. He opens it and he sees some dude at his door. Knowing that I dont have any friends and that his duaghter will never bring a boy to his house, he asks "Who are you looking for?". Instead of Fola to greet my dad like every normal Nigerian child would and tell him that he is here to see Bola, he just goes "Hi. I am here to see Bola". My dad hates it when you tell him hi as in he gets really angry (My dad is VERY conservative). The next thing he says is "Young man are you well? Who are you telling hi?". It is at this point that Bola rushes out and does all the neccesary introductions and Fola knows he will greet like a Nigerian but well the damage had been done. He had already made the first impression and trust me, with my dad first impressions last the longest.

My dad leaves Bola and Fola at the door. He then goes back to his seat and focused his eyes on the televison screen. Bola walks in with Fola and introduces him to my mum. Fola greets her well and my mum being the softie of the family is all recieving to him (My mum is EXTREMELY soft). Fola takes a seat and Bola tells my folks that he is taking her out. My dad's gaze quickly went form the televisoion to Bola and he is giving her the look that says "In my house?" and Bola gives him the "I dont care, he's taking me out" look. I could not help but giggle in my mind. Trust my mum she asked Fola all the questions she could ask from family tree to schooling and everything and I could tell my parents were thanking God that finally he was kind of decent unlike Chidi and others who although they didnt meet them, they were disasters. It was then time for the million dollar question and it always came from my dad.

"So Fola, what Church do you attend?"
"None, sir"
"Why?" My parenst asked together. I was kinda interested in this part
"'Cause I'm an atheist sir" My mum looked like she wanted to throw up and my dad just stood up and left the living room. My mum then told Bola to follow her into the room and I just sat down there and kept staring at my sisters atheist boyfreind.

Honestly, I am disappointed in Bola. You may say who am I to judge her and why am I forming 'holier than thou' but please... an atheist. He doesnt believe in anything and Bola hid this from me. We tell each other EVERYTHING! I just kept staring at him and I noticed he was kind of uncomfortable.

"Your folks think I am bad for Bola right?" He asked me after a while
"Yes and so do I" I said that and left him all by himself in the parlour as I retreated to my room.

I have no clue about the converstaion between mum, dad and Bola but I know that after a while, Bola came out of the room and then she left the house with Fola and she is still not back. God help that girl.
>>>>>>>>>NEW TEXT MESSAGE FROM BOLA<<<<<<<<<
Waddup? I know I should have told you and you are mad at me but try and put yourself in my shoes. i love Fola and something in my spirit is telling me that he is the one. We will talk later. I love you.

I love you to Bola but this, this is just too much.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kiss And Tell 003


The weekend was so awesome. Gosh. I have not recovered from all that went down. First, it was Friday night at 24/7. I always look forward to ladies night with Boma. We know how to end up tearing the place up. Anyways, Saturday was another amazing extra ordinary day. Fola and I went swimming and gosh... he does have a good body. We had fun and we also got talking, although I caught him licking his lips at my body a few times but I really don't care. It just means that he finds me very extraordinarily attractive.

When we left the pool, we then went to have ice cream at Grand square. There, we ran into Chidi, my very first boyfriend and I have to admit he looked HOT! Forgive me if you think it is lust but I am only stating the obvious. The boy has always been a hottie so... I introduced him to Fola, emphasizing the fact that he was my boyfriend. Chidi actually dumped me for popular Nigerian teenage singer, Omada. Rumour has it that Omada actually dumped him for some one else. Honestly, I am so happy she dumped his sorry ass. I mean, we were dating since before Urban Bohemian. After, I got a little fame, he then took advantage of the glamorous life, met all the people he could met and broke up with me. He hurt me real bad and to think that he was my first love. Well, who says nothing compares to your first true love? You got that wrong Mariah.

Back to the story, so Chidi looked at me in disbelief because he knew somewhere that he was not as hot as Fola. Not even in is wildest dreams. Anyways, they did the 'guy' thing and he left and went to another aisle. I could not help grinning to myself.

The only downside of this story was what happened Saturday night and I was on the phone with Fola and we were talking and talking. After an hour, I told him I wanted to hang up 'cause I had to go and get ready for church. And the next thing, he's like oh, so you take the church thing seriously. I felt so embarrassed. i then asked him what his religion was and he was like he was atheist. Honestly, I was in shock. An atheist? I was confused. I may not sound it but I take my Christianity seriously. I think? That was not the point. What will Bolu think? What will happen when we want to get married and I want to have my Pentecostal pastor officiate the wedding because from the conversation after that he said that religion is just one of man's inventions to control people and that the worst set are the pentecostal Christians. The only thing was that he said it wont hinder our relationship and that soon I will see things from his own point of view.

I am confused honestly. I really don't know what to do. I told Boma and she was like I should just free the whole thing and that the most important thing is that he loves me. It's just that my pastor just had to preach the message on being unequally yoked with unbelievers.

It's Monday and I am in class. I will figure something out, that I know for sure.


P.S- I am so not speaking to Bolu


What is Bola's deal? That girl is just a spoilt annoying irritating thing who thinks the world revolves around her big head 'cause she writes cheques with a whole lot of zeros. I obviously don't mean what I just said but it does not change the fact that I am annoyed with her.

OK. She went clubbing on Friday night. No problem but then she comes home at 4.00 am in the morning and then leaves the house at 9.oo am. I don't say anything even though that is irresponsibility of the HIGHEST ORDER!!! Then mum calls and is crying. Apparently, my sister promised to call our parents and give them information on her result. Since she didn't do it mum calls me to ask me how the result was and I cant tell 'cause my sister told me not to and mum starts saying how my sister has changed and has began to conform to the things of this world. Mum then begs me to please give her an update and I have to convince my mum that the best person to speak to was her daughter.

My darling sister comes back at 6.00pm and I try to be nice to her when obviously I am hating her guts. She gives me attitude and tells me she has to go call Boma, Dele and Fola. I then tell her its important and she tells me it can wait. you can just imagine? I get upset and I start shouting on her, telling her how she has to realize that she has to be accountable to some people and that her life is not solely hers. I tell her about mum's call and she says "mum is not paying the fees. I am telling her 'cause I think she deserves to know and I love her" That was the straw that broke the camels back and we got into a heated argument.

The next day, I tried to make peace with her but instead she drove to church and left me behind. I had an empty wallet so I missed church. Thanks to her. She then comes back and goes she forgives me and that the pastor's message moved her to forgive me. I felt like giving her the slap of her life. I just walked into my room and ignored her presence.

Now it's Monday, I raided my room and I found 500 Naira. I am at the back now trying to withdraw money and trust me, Bola is going to pay. She should learn to stop disrespecting me because she has money and 'cause I live in her house. I could easily move out and mum and dad can pay my rent. Gosh, the girl annoys me. i need to cool off. I will hola ltr.


Saturday, April 4, 2009


I am so over Brad Pitt. Gosh! I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons and I have to admit the guy has lost his hotness. Honestly. I can remember when I saw Legends of the Fall, damn! Now that is what I am talking about. I really don’t know but I think Angelina is one of the few reasons he is going down on the hottie scale. Well, whatever. It’s not really my business anyways. Who cares about Brad Pitt when there is Fola Carter!
Thank God it’s Friday. Today I am going to be up all night hitting the clubs. I am not sure if I want to attend Taylors’ or 24/7. It depends on Boma anyways. She is more creative when it comes to which club to attend. Anyways, let me tell you a couple of things about Boma.
Boma is my best friend and one of the most successful youth models in Nigeria. We actually grew up together back in Lagos so our friendship goes way back. The year after we finished from high school, Boma won the Face of Africa pageant and toured the world before resuming in NIU with us. She models for my clothing line Urban Bohemian and also for major cosmetic companies in Nigeria. She went internationally officially during Christmas when she got an offer to model D & G. I know she rocks!
My parents don’t like Boma though. My parents don’t really like me to begin with so Boma aint alone when it comes to that part. The deal is, my parents are conservative Christians and they feel a girl my age cannot have money like I do. They think I am an aristo chic and even though my cousin Dele tells them that my source of income is clean (Dele is the Managing Director of Urban Bohemian. He is 36, he has experience he studied Business Administration so he has it all figured out), my folks choose not to believe him. They adore Bolu because he is the one with the good grades and no social life. Whatever! Just because my friends aren’t the church folks and the fact that my lifestyle is not that of an average Christian girl still I am a Christian. I believe in God with my heart and I have confessed it with my mouth so please I am so saved.
Bolu is the one who has not told me what he feels about Boma. Whenever she comes around he just retreats into his room. He doesn’t even say anything to her. Even Dele tries to strike a conversation even though it is usually business oriented but still… I guess I will have to ask him then. Anyways, I have to answer my phone now. Prince Fola calleth…

I cannot believe I told Bola. The plan was not to. I guess it’s hard when your best friend is your sister. I have been replaying the conversation all night.
“Hey you! How do I look?” Bola struts into my room wearing some black shirt that looked like it was probably someone else’s size and a short mini skirt.
“You look good… I guess” I told her
“I always do. So what’s up? How are you spending your Friday night?”
“Read. I just got The Complete Works of William Shakespeare and I really want to start reading it. I have to know that thing that made Shakespeare IT. Do you feel me?” I asked my sister
“Umm… No! But read on. Although, I don’t see the point considering the fact that you are studying Computer Science. You are supposed to be on IT. This is the period where you stop being an academic freak and act like you are part of the working class world” My sister told me as she used my mirror to apply her makeup.
“You can’t understand Bola”
“You’re so right on that one”
“So which club are you going to today?” I didn’t really care. Just asking for emergency sake.
24/7. I am just waiting for Boma”
“OK. Why are you not going with Fola?” I asked her, honestly.
“Bolu, its Friday. Ladies Night. Boma and I. Does it ring a bell?”
“Sorry. I forgot”
“Speaking of Boma, what do you feel about her? You practically comment on everything and you have not said a word about Boma. So lemme know wassup”
“She’s cool”
“You are not saying anything. If you were not my brother, I would have just taken that and be satisfied but you are and I KNOW YOU. So tell me, what do you honestly feel about Boma? Mum and dad think she is a bad influence. Dele thinks she wants the extra publicity. The media thinks she is stuck up and proud so what does Bolu Abayomi-Coker think?”
“I… I… never mind”
“You had better start talking!” Bola said, this time she was seating directly in front of me.
“I like her” I can’t believe I told her
“OMG! Bolu! Since when?”
“Since like forever”
“You have to tell her”
“You see why I didn’t want you to know in the first place. Gimme time, OK?”
“OK sir. Thank God! My brother is not that hopeless after all. At least he has got good taste in women” Bola said as she stood up. The doorbell rings.
It’s funny how you talk about someone and the next thing that happen is they show up. I answered the door and it was Boma and she looked really beautiful in her short boob tube gown and leather boots. Thank God she had a jacket on. I am not ready to be led into temptation. She said hi and I could not bring myself to stare at her face. She then went upstairs to meet Bola and in a couple of minutes, they were gone. I am now here in the sitting room trying to read a sonnet by William Shakespeare and all I can think about is Boma. I think I should pray instead.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pilot Post


The candid stories of twins, Bolu and Bola.

Have you met Bolu and Bola Abayomi-Coker? They are extremely different twins and when I mean different, I mean words and opposite different. Some people find it hard to believe they come from the same house.

Bolu: Age-20. Student, Nigeria International University, Abuja. The Guy. Single. Poet. Nerd. Bookworm. Rather stay indoors and read than party. First Class student. The ‘good’ kid. Parent’s greatest joy/asset. Single. Searching for another kind of love. Behind in the fashion/cool department. About to graduate from the University. Rock & Rap music only. Plays all the instruments and is a best friend to his sister.

Bola: Age-20. Student, Nigeria International University, Abuja. The Chic. The relationship one. Hip. Trendsetter. Loves to hangout and party with her girlfriends. Average student. A successful fashion designer. Has her very own car. All genres of music apply. Plays the guitar and is a best friend to her brother... and Boma.

Read their candid adventures through life. Hear their stories about life, love, dating, sex and a God they cannot see. The only thing they have in common apart from their DNA is the fact that they always KISS AND TELL!!!

Remember, there are TWIN sides to a story...

BOLA 001

OMG! I am so so so so so so so so in LOVE!!! I know you are probably wondering what is up with this chic... the thing is I am in love. I finally found the guy of my dreams. OK. Suck it up girl. OK.

So, I am at a party at Hauwa’s house and there he is. Suave, cute, clean shaved, nice crew cut, caramel complexion, amazing smile, BROWN EYES! He is everything a girl needs and when he said hi... gosh! I wanted to melt. We got talking and I managed to play it cool. He was happy to meet the girl behind Urban Bohemian. I was extremely flattered. If you don’t know, I am happy to tell you that my fashion line, Urban Bohemian is like the one of the most successful fashion lines in Nigeria and probably the most popular in my school. Everybody has something from the Urban Bohemian line. Whether it’s a bag or shoe or hat. Yes, everybody. I design clothes for guys too.

Back to my story, so we kept talking and I was like blushing the whole time. To cut the long story short, he asked me out on a date and I said yes. I mean he is Fola Carter. He recently transferred to our school and girls have been dying to go out with him and here he is. Let us not forget the fact that his dad was the former Minister of Foreign Affairs. Anyways, he takes me to this Chinese restaurant outside campus. It was an amazing experience. We talked and he made me laugh the whole time. And of course, his smile... Oh I can’t explain it. We then left the restaurant and decided to get some ice cream. That was fun too and he bought me N2, 000.00, ice cream. (My mum must NEVER hear I wasted N2, 000.00 on ice cream). He then drove me to my house (that I happen to share with my brother). There he asked me to be his girlfriend and DUH! I said yes... He then gave me the kiss of my life. Considering the fact that all the time I have been kissed, I had to teach the guys involved... but this...this was amazing. We said our goodbyes and I blushed all the way.



BOLU 001

Bola is so annoying me right now. Who does she think she is? The last time I checked the world doesn’t revolve around her head! All because of Fola Carter. That guy is the world’s greatest player. I pray God opens her eyes to see him for the guy he really is. And he kissed her. He actually kissed her. Can you imagine that? I have begged this girl to save her first kiss for the guy she will spend the rest of her life with. Anyways, she said she was going to spend the rest of her life with him and that he is forever. That was what she said about Chidi and Kevwe and Farouk and George and Jerry and Efosa. At least, lets thank God she is saving sex for marriage if not... it would be a different story.

I love my sister don’t get me wrong but I care for her. The thing is that her life is on the fast lane. She has huge money in the bank, has cool friends, is always in the pages of various magazines and was recently on the cover of Sizzle, the largest youth magazine in West Africa. She has designed clothes for artistes on the red carpet. She is always at the award shows so I don’t expect anything less. I am just worried for her. I don’t want to see her get hurt. She just keeps making the same mistake over and over again. This is the seventh guy asking her out at the end of the first date and she is saying yes. Immma pray for her.

You might think I am beefing her because my life is not like hers but that’s not true. I love my sister and even though we are different and she is paying the bills in the house, I love her all the same. God made me her brother so I can pray for her and put sanity in her head ‘cause without me, the girl is gonna go wild.

I will take a pause here. Bola and I are about to watch ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. Peace out!