Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hey Guys,
As you all know we are students and our exams are starting in June. Due to this, there will be no installments for now. We are thankful for your support towards the blog and we really appreciate all the feedback. Be rest assured that as soon as we are done we will be back in full force. Take it easy and pls pray for success in our examinations.


PS: Contary to general opinion, we don't have writers block! And please download YADA

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kiss And Tell 009

It has been two and a half months since Fola has being my boyfriend and trust me; I love every minute of it. We are having so much fun together, doing amazing things loving ourselves, more and more. Anyways, I have been thinking lately and I think my life needs restructuring. First, my dad and I have not been on good terms lately. I called him and I told him my mind. I told him how much I love him and that he should trust me enough to make the right decisions. I told him of how I still love God and still very much trust him for my future. We talked and talked for 2 HOURS! It was amazing.

Urban Bohemian is doing quite well and our clothes are going places. I am going to be at the Cape town Fashion Show in a couple of week and I AM EXCITED!!! I will be going with my crew, Dele, Fola, Boma and Bolu... which brings me to the latest and hottest gist in town... Bolu and Boma are currently going out!!! Yes oh! My brother and my best friend. At first it was cool but then... imagine them making out...EEEEWWWW!!!
Fola has not called me in 4 days though. Been trying his number but it rings without him answering. I hope all is well sha. I pray all is well with him.

Lord, please, I hope Fola is OK... watch over him. Thanks a lot

Currently, I am in class, waiting for Mr Ayoola, the SOC 325 lecturer and there comes Boma.
“Hey gal! Wassap?”
“I am cool. So glad I made it. How are you?” Boma asks me as she brings out her hankie to wipe her face
“Why won’t you come late to class when you and my brother will be doing midnight call for God knows how long?”
“Girl, don’t hate. There are far more pressing issues” Boma told me as she leaned towards me a little “Have you heard from Fola?”
“Not yet. Why?”
“Guess where he was on Saturday afternoon?” Boma asks me
“I don’t know, besides he usually goes swimming or he goes to the gym on Saturday” I tell her
“Sorry to burst your bubble but he did neither. He was at Sahad with Hauwa”
“Sahad. Very funny. The only person I know that goes to Sahad is Bolu. It was so definitely not Fola and even if it was him, he and Hauwa go way back. Last I checked, I met him at her party” I had to defend Fola ‘because I knew where this was going.
“Well, my source told me that they were acting all lovey dovey and my source saw FOLA AND HAUWA and girl it is never wrong. Remember how it was right about Chidi, then Kevwe...”
“Boma ENOUGH! Stop it! Just stop it! What is your problem? Why do you enjoy doing this? You are dating my brother and I don’t sneak up on him to give you any information. Why do you always do this? Please mind your business for once and face YOUR relationship”
“Bola, he is not pure. You need...”
“I don’t need to do anything and please, this conversation is OVER! I think I will like to change my seat”
I picked up my things and went to seat beside Chinelo. I know Boma means well and I hate the fact that her “source” is ALWAYS right but come on... this is Fola we are talking about here... my very own Fola.
God... please not Fola too

From the first day I saw you,
I knew we were meant to be,
The way you smiled, the way you laughed,
And when you held my hand, it was like I touched the face of an angel,
Some say it is puppy love, some say it’s just a crush,
But I beg to differ,
This love is deeper than the ocean,
It can’t be described as there are no descriptions for the most beautiful things,
I have found the girl of my dreams,
Fairer than all the girls I know,
I have found a true treasure,
One I am not letting go,
So Boma Akpofure,
If you ever get to read this,
Know that I wrote all this to say,
I love you, I love you, and I love you.
With love,
Your No’s 1 Fan/Lover/Boyfriend

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kiss And Tell: Parent's Speak 001


I am really sorry for the delay in posting the next instalment and contrary to popular opinion we did not have writers’ block. There has just been so much going on here and YADA is supposed to have been out since like forever. We plead with you to just bear with us because we apart from bloggers, we are also students. Thanks for understanding.


I don’t know what I did or who I offended. I am a good Christian and I serve the Lord with all my heart. I really don’t know why it’s like he is given me a cause to cry. I mean, Proverbs 22:6 says ‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.’ I have done just as the Bible has commanded. Ever since we had the twins, I have tried to make sure that my children are groomed in the way of the Lord. I bought them Bibles as children, made them listen to The Donut Man instead of Barney. I made sure that when they were watching television, it was either TBN or an educational program so where did I go wrong? Somebody tell me. Explain to me why my daughter's clothing line whose values don’t represent that of our Lord Jesus Christ. I wonder why her best friend poses in a bra and pant on the pages of magazines. I wonder why she will bring an unbeliever to my house. I wonder why she will tell me not to pay her school fees or take care of her as she is in Abuja with no adult supervision. I am not poor; yes she may make more than me and may get endorsements and blah blah blah but please? I am still her father.

Omobolanle Taiwo Abayomi-Coker, do not fail destiny. I love you and even though I don’t show it or tell you, I do. I need you to know that your life is going way too fast. You need to take it slow. You are just 20 years old and you have your whole life ahead of you. This life really doesn’t make any sense. I am worried. I just hope she stops being friends with that Boma of a girl. That child is just a MAJOR distraction and her parents don’t do anything to help matters. Don’t mind he irresponsible set of parents she has. Instead of them to caution their child, they let her do as she pleases. Anyways, I hope they see the light.

Boluwatife Kehinde Abayomi-Coker, you are a blessed child. The pride of my age. The child that anytime I see I know that at least there is proof that I trained those children. You CANNOT fail me. You have allowed all the training I have given you sink deep inside. You are blessed and your time will be great. Proverbs 20:11 says ‘Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work [be] pure, and whether [it be] right’ also Proverbs 23:24 says ‘The father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice: and he that begetteth a wise [child] shall have joy of him.’ Bolu, your doings and your works have been pure and I have joy in you. Don’t fail me.


I am confused. When I got married I did not bargain for all these. Honestly. First, after I gave birth to the twins through the caesarean operation, I was told I could not give birth again. Knowing I had just two children, I tried now, God, I was a house wife. I abandoned my medical career to be a mother to my kids. It wasn’t easy. Even my husband told me not to but I did. I figured that since I can only have two, I must make them the children that God will be proud of. I needed to raise godly children who will change the way things were done in this world. Well, I did it. I know it. Dayo is being too harsh. Bola may not be your average Christian and she may not do all the things we tell her to do but I know my daughter. I gave birth to her, I breastfed her. I know what she is capable of. She can’t depart from the way of the Lord. It is just not possible at all. I am sure of it.

Dayo needs to have a rethink. This feud between him and Bola has to stop. No matter what he is her father and she is his daughter. He cannot give up on her; God doesn’t give up on us. I pray God touches his heart. I hate to see my family like this. Please. It has to stop.

Let me call Bolu and know how they are faring... the one that Bola is not picking up my calls.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kiss And Tell 008


OK. Boma is an amazing dancer. Not saying she is better than me ‘because you know now, your boy stole the show. What happened in that studio has kept me on a temporary high. But what happened after... I AM IN LOVE!

When Boma got to the studio she looked amazingly amazing. At first she was wearing jeans and a shirt then she went to change and when she did... all I could say was WOW! Her hair was Justify Fullpacked back into a ponytail and she was rocking track shorts with a hoodie that stopped right after her... fill in the blank spaces. Anyways, she walked towards me and she stops directly in front of me and she says ‘Bring it on’.

At first I wanted to melt, for a second I thought she was going to kiss me. I told her I wanted her to go first and funny thing is she agreed. The next thing, she goes to the laptop and starts to play a Beyonce track and she does a very impressive dance routine. She stops and she nods towards my direction, signalling me to start and honestly I am bummed for a minute.

“I can’t dance to Beyonce” I tell her
“I don’t expect you too” She goes
The next thing I play Lecrae’s Breathe In Breathe Out and I can see shock written all over her face. I have told them. Don’t underestimate Bolu Abayomi-Coker. After i finished she just kept staring at me.
“Are you not going again?” I asked her
“Nope” She told me
“Why? Are you scared?” I asked her
“Yes OH! I am scared” She says as she sits down on the floor. I sit down with her
"So who wins?"I ask her
"You obviously. Bolu I never knew you had dancing in you?Why do you go about carrying the whole nerdy facade... For your info, nerd is NOT the new cool... do not be deceived by Beauty and The Geek"
I just laughed. Boma is so sweet
"Why are you laughing. I am serious you know. People don't take you seriously. They think you just have your head in the books and they consider you a social outcast" She had concern in her voice
"I really don't care what people think about me. I just care about what God thinks of me. He is the only one I want to please"
"Cute. But face reality. How do you touch people with the love of God when you separate yourself from them. JESUS mingled around a whole lot!"
I could not answer her. I knew she had a point but really I did not ask to be like this. It is just how things are. She must have noticed me deep in thought...
"Bolu, let me take you out today. My treat OK?

And that was how Boma and I drove around Abuja. We had shawarma, ice cream, pizza, fries... We took pictures with her phone and honestly it was really cool.

I am here now on my bed and I am about to call her. Imma hola later


(Bola is sitting at her desk, designing clothes for the next season when her phone rings. Boma's caller ID flashes)

BOLA: Hey babes. Watagwan
BOMA: I dey jo!
BOLA: How was dancing with Bolu?
BOMA: It was cool although.. WAIT... you know about our after dance paroles
BOLA: Girl, Bolu is my twin brother. He will obviously tell me what went down. Seems like you guys had fun
BOMA: We did sha. Your brother is not as reserved as he claims to be
BOLA: I know that. I mean, he is my brother. So Boma Akpovure... do you like my brother?
BOMA: He is your brother Bola... please o
BOLA: OMG! You like him!
BOMA: I did not say that
BOLA: But you dodged the question. Have you forgotten you are talking to me?
BOMA: OK..maybe I like him a little
BOLA: (laughs) Baby girl... well... i am happy for you.
BOMA: Abeg dont make a mountain out of it. Lets leave that alone first. Whats up with you and Fola?
BOLA: The boy is amazing jo. He gave me A PROMISE RING!!!!!
BOMA: It's a LIE!
BOLA: He did oh! You need to see it
BOMA: Your damn right I need to... (they laugh together) Girl, I am happy for you
BOLA: I am happy for me too. Everything is perfect
BOMA: Just pray it stays that way (Pauses) Bola I have to go now
BOLA: Why? We just started talking
BOMA: Your brother is calling me
BOLA: OMG! Love you... bye bye (she cuts the phone and smiles)


OK... I am going to eavesdrop on my brother's conversation with Boma. Are you game?