Monday, May 18, 2009

Kiss And Tell 009

It has been two and a half months since Fola has being my boyfriend and trust me; I love every minute of it. We are having so much fun together, doing amazing things loving ourselves, more and more. Anyways, I have been thinking lately and I think my life needs restructuring. First, my dad and I have not been on good terms lately. I called him and I told him my mind. I told him how much I love him and that he should trust me enough to make the right decisions. I told him of how I still love God and still very much trust him for my future. We talked and talked for 2 HOURS! It was amazing.

Urban Bohemian is doing quite well and our clothes are going places. I am going to be at the Cape town Fashion Show in a couple of week and I AM EXCITED!!! I will be going with my crew, Dele, Fola, Boma and Bolu... which brings me to the latest and hottest gist in town... Bolu and Boma are currently going out!!! Yes oh! My brother and my best friend. At first it was cool but then... imagine them making out...EEEEWWWW!!!
Fola has not called me in 4 days though. Been trying his number but it rings without him answering. I hope all is well sha. I pray all is well with him.

Lord, please, I hope Fola is OK... watch over him. Thanks a lot

Currently, I am in class, waiting for Mr Ayoola, the SOC 325 lecturer and there comes Boma.
“Hey gal! Wassap?”
“I am cool. So glad I made it. How are you?” Boma asks me as she brings out her hankie to wipe her face
“Why won’t you come late to class when you and my brother will be doing midnight call for God knows how long?”
“Girl, don’t hate. There are far more pressing issues” Boma told me as she leaned towards me a little “Have you heard from Fola?”
“Not yet. Why?”
“Guess where he was on Saturday afternoon?” Boma asks me
“I don’t know, besides he usually goes swimming or he goes to the gym on Saturday” I tell her
“Sorry to burst your bubble but he did neither. He was at Sahad with Hauwa”
“Sahad. Very funny. The only person I know that goes to Sahad is Bolu. It was so definitely not Fola and even if it was him, he and Hauwa go way back. Last I checked, I met him at her party” I had to defend Fola ‘because I knew where this was going.
“Well, my source told me that they were acting all lovey dovey and my source saw FOLA AND HAUWA and girl it is never wrong. Remember how it was right about Chidi, then Kevwe...”
“Boma ENOUGH! Stop it! Just stop it! What is your problem? Why do you enjoy doing this? You are dating my brother and I don’t sneak up on him to give you any information. Why do you always do this? Please mind your business for once and face YOUR relationship”
“Bola, he is not pure. You need...”
“I don’t need to do anything and please, this conversation is OVER! I think I will like to change my seat”
I picked up my things and went to seat beside Chinelo. I know Boma means well and I hate the fact that her “source” is ALWAYS right but come on... this is Fola we are talking about here... my very own Fola.
God... please not Fola too

From the first day I saw you,
I knew we were meant to be,
The way you smiled, the way you laughed,
And when you held my hand, it was like I touched the face of an angel,
Some say it is puppy love, some say it’s just a crush,
But I beg to differ,
This love is deeper than the ocean,
It can’t be described as there are no descriptions for the most beautiful things,
I have found the girl of my dreams,
Fairer than all the girls I know,
I have found a true treasure,
One I am not letting go,
So Boma Akpofure,
If you ever get to read this,
Know that I wrote all this to say,
I love you, I love you, and I love you.
With love,
Your No’s 1 Fan/Lover/Boyfriend

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Me like, me like, lol! Keep it up. I'm know you don't have writers block, hurry back!

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