Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finally... Kiss and Tell 010

It is good to be back! Exams were amazing and it is with so much joy that we bring to you the latest installment of the Kiss & Tell Series. So many things have happened and here is a recap of what has been going down.

Well, Bola and Fola broke up. OK, Fola broke up with Bola. What happened was that Fola pulled out of the Capetown Fashion Show and he told Bola that he had major plans with his dad. After, the show, Bola realized that her life had not been complete because she was not exactly walking with God the way she was supposed to. She then re-dedicated her life to Christ and sends a text to Fola to express her joy. This is what she receives

I am happy for you. Woteva mkes u happy. Anyways, I guess we have to break up then. Take care of urself

Bola was shattered. She knew a new step in her walk with God was going to affect her relationship with Fola but she felt... She just felt... So she decides to confront him one on one.

When she gets to his house, she is stopped at the gate by the security man and after 30 minutes, Fola comes out to meet her.
"Wow! First you break up via SMS and you now you cant even invite me into your house. Very classy Fola" Bola said with tears in her eyes
"This is the reason why I did not want to see you. You will start crying and..."
"You are damn right I will cry. How could you Fola? You gave me a promise ring! I have not pulled it EVER!!! Bola said
"You said you were born again now" Fola told her
"I have always been born-again. I only re-dedicated my life. That is not an excuse" Bola said, she was crying and pacing.
"See Bola, you want to be committed to 'Him'. was that not what your text said? I don't want to be a hindrance considering the fact that you are not supposed to be 'unequally' yoked with me. I can't even stand your God" Fola said, raising his voice
"It's just best we drop this. I gotta go" Fola said as he began to walk into his house
"So who is she?" Bola asked him
"She?" Fola said turning back to face her
"I heard from different people. Who is she?" Bola asked again
"First, don't imply I was cheating on you cuz I wasn't. I was just having sex with her. I can separate sex from love. And you said you were waiting for your wedding night" He told her
"You can do what?! You were having sex behind my back and it wasn't cheating? What the... You have not answered my question... who is she?" Bola said her temper rising.
"Hauwa" Fola said
And it happened. Bola went and gave Fola a very dirty slap.
'I HATE YOU!!!!!" She screamed as she threw the promise ring at him and raced to her car and drove off.

On the flip side, Bola and Boma's relationship has been rocky. Boma although is totally in love with Bolu, she has a huge problem with his introverted nature and the fact that he puts the GOD factor in EVERYTHING. This leads to constant fights and nagging. so on this fateful night, Boma finally took Bolu clubbing on a Friday night were everything changed.

It all started when Boma tried to convince Bolu to dance. Bolu said he could not because the music was not his kind of music. Boma persisted and they got into another argument. After 10 minutes of bickering at each other, Boma decides to go dance without Bolu. Soon she was getting her groove on and dancing in a naughty way with some guys. Seeing the sight, Bolu was angry and he goes to the bar and orders his first round of alcohol. After three rounds, Bolu was drunk.

"Bolu the young pastor getting all tipsy in the club"
Bolu turns around and he sees the Personnel Manager of the company where he is doing is Industrial Attachment.
'Ms Chima. What are you doing here?" He said surprised.
"The same thing you are doing here. Are you OK? Never imagined you to be one to club talk less of drink" She told him
"Thought so too but hey, I am doing it" He said still drunk.
"Yea Yea. I can see that. So who did you come here with?" She asked him.
Bolu looked around again and he saw Boma dancing with some muscular guy.
"No one. I came alone. I needed to unwind" He told her
"Really? Impressive. How about we unwind together. My house. Now. It's just down the street" She said
He looked at Boma one last time and said, "Sure... Why not?"

So Bolu took Ms Chima's hand and she led him out of the club into her black SUV.

And Boma, she kept searching for Bolu... after her last dance that is... and she did not find him

(Bola's phone rings. She sees Boma's caller ID and picks)

BOLA: Hey girl! How are you doing?
BOMA: Good. Have you seen your brother?
BOLA: No. He has been out all day. I thought he was with you?
BOMA: I thought so too. He left the club. I guessed I messed up big time
BOLA: I guess you did. Well, he'll be fine
BOMA: Are you OK? You seem very weird
BOLA: I am NOT! Fola and Hauwa are screwing themselves
BOMA: OMG! Are you OK?
BOLA: He broke up with me via SMS can you imagine the jerk!
BOMA: I can't believe Hauwa. She is supposed to be our friend.
BOLA: I thought so too. Gonna hola you later. Bolu will be fine OK?
BOMA: I am coming over girl. You need my company
BOLA: OK! Love you
BOMA: Love you too. Be there in a jiffy (click)

OMG! I cannot believe I had sex. I made a covenant with God. Damn! And I had it with my BOSS!!! What have I done?
Text Message Alert
(From Boma)
Hey boo! I am sorry for putting pressure on u. I promise 2 b more understanding. Call me.xoxo.

Boma! It's her fault I am here. What am I gonna do?


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woow..apart from the 010 of kiss and tell, uox'r progress so far is very impressive,i really finding uox intresting,tell me.... wat are uox studing..i've gone through your profile and i dig uox'r style alot..
well i just signed in as one of uox'r followers..
we will talk more over the the fone...peace

Anonymous said...

I hv never read anything interesting like this in a long time... Well done enjoying following u, U'll make it in life.(Amaka12 Twitter)

Danielle said...

I dont completely understand. Is this a continuation from a previous piece? Either way, I enjoyed it. I feel like I need some music to happen at the know, the organ noise that goes "dunh dunh dunhhh".

Milan said...

Cul blog u have! Check out my new blog>


nice. is there an earlier part I missed? Off to catch up!

neefemi said...

caught up....nicely done...looking forward to the rest of it

abujamaiden said...

I love this kiss and tell, please keep writing. I've been away from blogville for a while!!!!

Rhapsody B. said...

Sounds like a lot of childish games and very immature people. Bola and Boma should consider their selves lucky. Trigger cocks do not make good husband material.

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