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Bolu and Bola Updated!!!

OK...So I have been getting emails from people so imma give y'all a sneak preview to what's up with Bolu and Bola... After this...y'all should wait for the Enjoy AND PLEASE DROP YOUR COMMENTS...


OMG! I cannot believe I had sex. I made a covenant with God. Damn! And I had it with my BOSS!!! What have I done? Ouch! My head hurts and it’s like I am going to throw up. I put on my phone.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEW TEXT MESSAGE FROM BOMA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Hey boo! I am sorry for putting pressure on u. I promise 2 b more understanding. Call me. xoxo.

Boma! It's her fault I am here. What am I gonna do?
Please, do not tell me not to put the blame on her. Don’t tell me that it was my choice to go to the club or that I should have had the will power to say no. I have done nothing but compromise for Boma since we started dating. I always bent the rules for her so no one should tell me anything. And now she sends me a text that she is sorry. Sorry about what? The deed has been done for heaven’s sake. There is nothing I can do now. All I can do is just hope that… I don’t even know what to hope for.
I can’t believe I hate Boma’s gut now. I mean I love her and no doubt the sex was good. Really good. I actually enjoyed it but I was supposed to share this with her within the confines of marriage. Now… I don’t even know.
I am on my way home now and I am so sure that she would have called Bola. I am surprised Bola has not called me yet, trying to get all sisterly. Thankfully it’s a start. She is not worrying stupidly.
All I want to do now is just go home and sleep. I want to sleep and forget this whole incident. Thank God IT is almost over, I resume final year in a matter of weeks.


Boma is a wreck. I can see it and she has been gulping down my water. “I get really thirsty when I am nervous” she says. Well that is classic Boma for you though. I scratch my hair and I take my seat in the couch on the sitting room. I know I should be worrying and fretting over Bolu but I just can’t. Maybe because a part of me knows Bolu is fine. He always knows how to take care of himself.
I still cannot believe Fola and Hauwa. It had to be her. He couldn’t choose anyone else. He had to pick her. Of all the numerous whores in Abuja it had to be her. Anyways, I hear her father is an aristo so I don’t blame her. Like father, like daughter.
Please don’t even judge me. Don’t give me the talk of how I committed my life to Christ and I am supposed to forgive and move on. Please. You have no idea how I feel right now. I feel like a fool. He cheated on me with someone I considered my friend. How long have they been sleeping together? Have they been doing it before I started dating him? Do they laugh at me after having hot steamy.... you know the rest Oh! I don’t even want to think about it.
“I am going to Hauwa’s house?” I said, getting up from the couch.
“Enh?” Boma said, turning around immediately as she heard it
“You heard me? I am going to her house to give her a piece of mind?” I said, reaching for my cell phone and putting it in my pocket.
“You will do no such thing. Are you high?” Boma said, she was standing directly in front of me. I guess I have given her something else to worry about apart from Bolu
“Why? Why should I not tell her how bad she has hurt me? She was my friend, Boma!” I said
“Friends come and go, Bola so sit down and let’s wait for your brother!” Boma said and I don’t know how I found myself on the couch again. Boma had a point


As I approach the gate to my house, all I feel is fear. I really don’t know what is waiting for me in there. Bola may start shouting and making a big deal out of nothing. I am 100% sure Boma must have called her and yada yada yada. Well, I guess it’s something I have to deal with. I did not even tell Ms. Chima I was leaving. Ouch! My head still hurts really badly.
I open the gate and I see our gateman looking at me. He is mumbling words that I don’t even think I want to hear. I approach the door and I figure it’s open because, I always leave it open for Bola anytime she pulls an all-nighter. I just figure she will do the same. I open the door and before I can say Jack Robinson, Boma runs up to me and hugs me really really really tight.
“OMG! I am so glad you are OK. I am so sorry about last night and I promise you it will never happen again” She said. She is still hugging me.
What does she except me to say? I am confused. She led me down this path and I don’t even know what to say. Is he alright. Boma pulls away and is talking.
“I know you hate my guts right now and I promise, as from today, no more clubs. We will do anything you want to do. I put my needs before yours. I will put yours first. I promise. It won’t happen. So so so sorry. Do you forgive me? Do you forgive me?” she is looking into my eyes.
I look at her and I see the girl I fell in love with her. How could I have hurt her? Yes she messed up but look, she is still amazing as ever. I have no justification for what I did. I don’t deserve her.
“I forgive you” I said and she hugged me. Bola is smiling as she approaches us but soon her smile turns into a look of concern
“Bolu, were you drunk?” she asked


(Boma has left and it’s just Bolu and Bola. Bolu is about to walk out when Bola calls him back)
BOLA: Where do you think you are going?
BOLU: (turning back to face her) my room?
BOLA: You didn’t answer my question, Bolu?
BOLU: Is there a law that says I must answer every question you ask?
BOLA: OK so do you want to play like that now?
BOLU: See Bola, I had a long night and I would like to rest
BOLA: More like you want to go and recover from your hangover (She turns and goes into the sitting room, sits down, crosses her legs and stares into space)
BOLU: (follows her into the sitting room and takes a seat beside her) How did you know I was drunk?
BOLA: I don’t know. Experience. Maybe. I don’t know. What happened last night Bolu?
BOLU: Nothing important.
BOLA: Really? Have you forgotten you are talking to me?
BOLU: I don’t know Bola
BOLA: What do you mean by you don’t know? What is wrong with guys? If what you did affects Boma in a negative way, I won’t find it funny. Is this heartbreak month or what?
BOLU: Heartbreak? What are you talking about?
BOLA: (starts crying) Fola is sleeping with Hauwa and don’t say ‘I told you so’.
BOLU: (reaches to her and puts her head on his shoulder as he consoles her; he has done this before with the others) I am so sorry. Have you talked to him about it?
BOLA: (sobbing) Duh! We broke up. He gave me a promise ring. And he cheated.
BOLU: People fail us daily. God is the only one who never fails us. You need him now more than anything
BOLA: I know. It’s hard though. Why do guys end up cheating?
BOLU: I don’t know. Maybe he has a reason? Talk to him about it Bola, you never know.
BOLA: What is there to talk about? He cheated with me and then broke up with me via SMS!!! He is a jerk!
BOLU: If you say so
BOLA: If I didn’t know you Bolu, I will say you were taking his side.
BOLU: I am not taking anyone’s side here. I am just trying to see it from his point of view
BOLA: (she pulls away from Bolu and stares at him) Where is my brother who hates my boyfriend?
BOLU: He has a hangover
BOLA: I guess you need to rest then
BOLU: Yea, I do (he stands up) I still feel you should call him and talk to him about it though
BOLA: OK. Thank you Bolu. You’re the perfect brother. I love you
BOLU: I love you too sis.

(Bolu walks out of the room and Bola’s words echo behind him. Perfect brother. If she only knew half of it.  Still, he reminded himself of one person only. Fola Carter.)


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