Tuesday, November 3, 2009


*Names and a few other things have been changed to protect the identity of the people involved.

Hi, my name is Philip and this is my Kiss and Tell Story.

Who would have thought that I would turn out to be that kinda guy; hmmnnn. Romance was never my thing. I loved love songs but I had it at the back of my mind that it was never my thing. All these changed when I met Vanessa.

You see, I like thick things (if you don’t understand, you don’t need to understand). I have always been one to chop and wash my mouth. Easy. No one gets hurt. We are all happy in the end... I guess girls have a gift for changing everything.

I met Vanessa at an Ice Cream Parlor. I was with my friend, Rodney and we were just hanging out. After 30 minutes of scoping various girls, Vanessa walks in with her friend, Iman. I noticed her at first and she took my breath away. She wasn’t thick per se but she caught my eye and before I knew it, she was coming toward my table; apparently she and Rodney go way back. After the introductions, she and her friend decided to sit with us and we spent an hour together. Trust me; it was the best 1 hour of my life and I knew she just had to be mine.

After she left, I told Rodney how I felt and he said he was cool with it. Soon, we all started hanging out together and before I knew it, I started calling her EVERYDAY. Yeah, everyday, this including at least one text message every day.  We then grew close and I noticed she had already grown fond of me; I mean there was a day she called me 3 times. Soon, we expressed our mutual feelings for each other although our relationship did not start immediately. I mean she said she was in ready and who am I to force her into something she wasn’t ready for.  She did not want a Hollywood relationship and I actually saw her point.

We continued like this until on a chilly Saturday morning at 5.45am on our way back from a club on the Island, she decided to make our relationship official. Hearing her, I felt satisfied and accomplished. Accomplished in the sense that finally she has decided to take a chance on/with me.

The first 6-8 months of our relationship was AMAZING!!! We had fun together. Hung out a lot; we went to the movies, hung out at pools, my crib, her crib... It was wonderful. I remember this one time when we were making out and Brandy’s Wow started playing on the radio, she withdrew and started singing the words to me, using the remote to the radio as her microphone. It was amazing... she made me love the song so much.

At the 9-11 months, the fights started and they were not funny. They were a lot and they consisted of VERY stupid arguments. It is funny because I am more emotional than she is and she was just too defensive. The scripture in Isaiah that says come let us reason together doesn’t work with her as she doesn’t see reason with you. Neyo’s Mad was one song that I can say expressed how I really felt. I even spent time in prayer asking God to save the relationship. One of my friends, Tobore had to talk to her and me too (kinda was a mediator of some sort) but it was too no avail. It got bad and honestly it was hurting me really bad. I decided to break up and Tobore told me not too; he wanted me to hang on in there for a while in case she changes or something. I agreed to it until one evening after a very long heated silent argument, I decided to break up. I mean she left me in a depressed state. The next morning, I called her and decided to call it quits.

Vanessa is an amazing person but maybe I am not the one for her. I miss her sometimes. I miss making out with her... the taste of her strawberry lip gloss... her laugh... her person when she is not angry.

Right now, I got six girls in my life... I like one of them and let’s just say the five are at my beck and call... life is beautiful.


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