Monday, November 16, 2009

New Kiss & Tell: Does Fola Carter wanna hook up again?????

Hey y'all... I got a new update for y'all... Check it out!!! And if you have not read the new YADA, check it out here 
I am so scared. Not for expulsion but for Boma’s life. Do you know that over 70,000 people die of pneumonia yearly? Scary right? This is my best friend we are talking about here. So much we could talk about. I am so worried.

I called my dad and I was crying. I told him EVERYTHING. From Fola’s breaking up with me to the exam malpractice thing to Boma’s illness. My dad is amazing honestly. He listened and he did not get super religious with me. It was like he actually understood all that I was saying and when I told him about Boma’s illness he was actually worried. The only thing was that I mistakenly added that Boma and Bolu were a couple. Even after that he didn’t react like he was angry at all. He just gave me a scripture to meditate on.

Philippians 4:6-7 Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (KJV)

What an amazing scripture. After I had told him everything, he just said “Baby girl. I need you to listen to me. Don’t worry about it. Let God know how you feel and let Him take away the burden. Talk to him about it OK?”

So here I am now, Lord you see me. Come and help me because I cant deal with all of these. It’s just too much. Help me Lord. Deal with my relationship issues, deal with the school issue and please Lord, heal Boma. That out of the three is the most important.

I don’t feel different. Maybe after I study scripture it will all fall into place. Maybe I will have the peace that passeth all understanding, the peace that…

Am I dreaming or is Fola actually calling me?

BOLA: (climbs her bed) Hello?
FOLA: Hi Bola
BOLA: Sorry who’s this?
FOLA: Have you deleted my number already?
BOLA: Fola is that you?
FOLA: Yeah
FOLA: How you been?
BOLA: I have been OK. Your girlfriend and I are in trouble with school
FOLA: She is not my girlfriend, you know that.
BOLA: I honestly don’t. Wonder what you saw in her. Oh yeah, you saw her…
FOLA: Get a grip, please. I am trying to make this work
BOLA: I am sorry but don’t you think is too late for that now. You played me for a fool and you used my Christianity as a basis for a break up. How twisted could you get?
FOLA: I guess calling you was a big mistake
BOLA: Yeah. It was.
FOLA: I don’t need this
BOLA: You took the words out of my mouth
BOLA: Whatever (Click)

My sister makes me laugh. She storms into my room and she is like “I cannot believe he had the guts”. I am like “who?” and she is like “Fola”. I am wondering because I know they haven’t spoken since their break up, so I am like “what did he want?” And she is like “I don’t know but I told him off”. I can imagine what exactly she must have done so I am like “why didn’t you just hear him out” and she is like “who’s side are you on anyway?” I hate when she tries to turn the table around. After lamenting, she walked out mumbling something to herself. I don’t even have time for her now considering the fact that she told our father about Boma and me but at least he is not angry with me.

I have been thinking a lot about Boma and so much has been going through my mind. The guilt tearing inside me is so… I can’t even explain it. I wish I could go back in time, you know correct all my past mistakes. I have prayed about the whole thing and I have asked God for forgiveness but I feel him telling me to come clean to Boma and honestly I don’t know what to do. Would have loved to talk to my sister about it but she is currently has not gotten over her own relationship so I really don’t know what she will tell me. I can’t even trust her judgment now.

I don’t know what God is trying to do in my life and all but I want him to be fast with what he wants to do. The bible verses in my devotional today all talked about guilt. Scary hun? The first one was Hebrews 10:22-23, and it was basically talking about how we should come as we are in faith and God will cleanse us of all our guilt. The second verse was 1st John 3:20 and it says that when we feel guilty, we should talk to God because he is greater than our feelings and guess the last scripture… James 5:16a which tells me to confess my sins to my fellow Christian ‘brother’.

That’s easy to say but I have not found any one of them who will understand. I guess the confession session will have to wait.

It’s been two days since the Boma incident. Since then, things have been SUPER weird. Different people come up to me asking the state of her health. Its beginning to get old, I mean if you want to see her just go to the hospital and see her. Some chics in my class told me a thousand things to tell her and in my mind, I am like do y’all care? It’s crazy honestly. The mere fact I see Boma everyday doesn’t make me the official NIU representative to her. Boma’s folks are around and it feels so good to see them again. Her mum looked younger than the last time I saw her. They love Boma so much and they have been in the hospital since they arrived. Boma is actually excited to have them around for they are super close.

Dele also came to the hospital but the major reason was because of UB. I knew it already, I mean it is Dele, he is my cousin and my MD and I know him more than he knows himself. He came around and was like “we need to damage control because of my school drama and Boma’s illness”. I told him there was no need for damage control. First, I am not telling my personal business to the media. It was fun at first but now it just gets old. Different people; journalist, writers, bloggers, people who have never met you before write silly things about me. Talking as if they know me, please. This particular blogger who is also a writer wrote an article on his blog about Boma and I and it was just irritating. He called us names and from the tone of the article, you would think maybe I had met him before. Right now, I am tired of the publicity and I told him to figure a way out.

Dele left, a little bit disappointed but I am honestly not worried. It is my life and it basically affects me alone not anybody else so I guess they should just leave me in peace.
OMG! What in God’s name is Fola doing here or is today meant to be a bad day? I need an answer Lord.

I was on my way to Boma’s room when Bola stops me in my track. She looked like she’d been hit by a boss. She was angry and I did not know what was pissing her off. I guess, I am about to find out.
“Kini?” I asked her
“It is Fola again” she looked like a scare nervous teenager on one of them chick flicks. I couldn’t help but giggle.
“It’s not funny”
“Sorry. OK. What about Fola?” I asked her
“He is in Boma’s room” she told me. Did she just say what I think she just said
“Really? Why?” I asked her, I mean I need to know what he is doing in there
“They are friends. I am so angry. He knew I was gonna be here so he chose this time to come see her so he could run into me”
It seemed like my sister was trying so hard to convince herself that she was over Fola but the signs are to evident, she is still head over heels for him
“Don’t flatter yourself, I am going to Boma’s room”
I knocked on the already open door to Boma’s room before I entered. Boma was ina white gown and she was sitting upright drinking her Ribena. Fola was sitting on the chair beside her.
“Hey you!” I go over and give her a kiss on the cheek. “How are you doing today?”
“I am OK. I guess.” Boma said, talking through the straw
“Hi Bolu” Fola greeted me. I was gonna greet him anyways.
“Hey. What’s good?” I extend my hand and give him a handshake. I needed him to know I was taking sides on the whole break up thing.
“Boma, where are your folks?” I asked her.
“They went to go change. They will be back shortly. Sit down and gist with Fola and I. he brought me a get well soon gift. I wont open it now though. Thanks again Fola”
“No problem. It’s the least I can do” Fola said. I grab a seat and put it beside him.
“I still think you should go and fix your relationship with Bola though. I mean Fola, what you did is unforgiveable” Boma added
“It is?” I don’t know how that came out from my mouth and honestly, it wasn’t supposed to. Boma looked at me like I had broken some code or something. He cheated on Bola and had sex with her friend. Was actually unforgiveable? Can you judge a guy based on one mistake he makes?
“I don’t know, Boma. I don’t even know what I want yet. I am just confused” Fola tells her

Boma signals for me to leave the room. I am confused now. One minute, you want us to have a conversation together and the next minute… I am out. It’s not fair. I actually want to hear what Fola has to say. Maybe he is not that bad after all. Maybe, he actually feels the same way I feel. Maybe all that happened was not meant to happen. Maybe, just maybe.

I walk out of Boma’s room still thinking when Bola comes up to me and is asking me for the details of what happened inside.
“They are having a private discussion” I tell her and go and get myself a drink.
Bola  just keeps standing there in shock.


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mike said...

this the shiznit! it's a nice post bruv

Harry-Rami Itie said...

Thanks man

Princess X said...

I like this post... i think i need a lil more background reading on previous posts to understand it all!

Who are Bolu and Bola? x

Harry-Rami Itie said...

@Princess... here is the intro to them...

Bolu: Age-20. Student, Nigeria International University, Abuja. The Guy. Single. Poet. Nerd. Bookworm. Rather stay indoors and read than party. First Class student. The ‘good’ kid. Parent’s greatest joy/asset. Single. Searching for another kind of love. Behind in the fashion/cool department. About to graduate from the University. Rock & Rap music only. Plays all the instruments and is a best friend to his sister.

Bola: Age-20. Student, Nigeria International University, Abuja. The Chic. The relationship one. Hip. Trendsetter. Loves to hangout and party with her girlfriends. Average student. A successful fashion designer. Has her very own car. All genres of music apply. Plays the guitar and is a best friend to her brother... and Boma.

cici said...

im enjoying reading this story...harry pls dont make bola and folu come back together cuz hes a can he hook up with bola`s friend.., thats just for bolu and boma i hope their relationship survive when bolu spill his secret...

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I think this is awesome!
i just started reading today
and i am hooked!
Great job Harry
keep it comin :)

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Ahhh i need to settle down and read this story...looks like i might have to read some old posts.

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Wow... it's brilliant. Keep it coming. :D

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Pretty good...real life story yea?
Might need to go get some popcorn to catch up on previous posts :)

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