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Kiss and Tell: New Update on Bolu and Bola

OK... It has been a week since the Bola-Fola break up and the twins are trying to get their lives back to normal. They resume for their final year only to find out that Bola has been accused of exam malpractice...



This has got to be joke. Me? Exam malpractice? I don’t ask anyone anything in the examination hall. This has got to be a BIG mistake. You can imagine the horror on my face when the gateman gave me the letter when I got home. Bolu thinks I should go there and just see what they have to say so here I am sitting at the Dean’s office waiting to be summoned by whoever is gonna summon me.

I don’t even know what my dad will say when he finds out that I have been charged for exam malpractice. He will freak out! Big time! Well I guess it will be my little secret until it blows away.

I pull out my iPhone and start to listen to Washington Projects’ Commanders of the Resistance album. I put the volume in a way that I can still here external noise. Diamonds is playing when Hauwa walks in. She looks like she is in shock when she sees me and honestly I am in shock. After the whole thing with Fola, we have not said anything to ourselves.

“Hi Bola” she says. She is still standing

Does she really expect me to reply her? Really? Girl, I thought you knew me better than this. I am bumping my head to the music.

“Is this seat taken?” she asks me

OMG! Is this her idea of small talk? I mean you sleep with my boyfriend and come and play Ms. Nice Slut. The last time I checked I was the victim.

“Look Bola, I know you know already and trust me, we didn’t mean to hurt you. It just happened…”

I pull out my earphones from my ears. “Umm in case you didn’t notice, I am not talking to you so please save your talk for someone who as time to listen OK?” I said, putting my earphones back where they were before I was rudely interrupted.

She takes her seat (she should have continued to stand now) and pulls out a magazine. Who brings magazines to the Dean’s office? I can’t believe I was ever friend with this girl. Her IQ is like -5. Anyways, I cannot let her phase me right now. I have worse things to deal with. I am on the verge of expulsion and Hauwa and her slut issues are the least of my worries.

After 10 minutes, the dean secretary says ‘you can go in now’. As I gather my things to enter the main office, I see Hauwa going there also and I am thinking, ‘what in God’s name is going on?’ I enter and I see the panel; the Dean, Mr. Ayoola the SOC328 lecturer and Dr Garba, another lecturer in our department.

“So the famous designer can’t pass an examination” it was Mr. Ayoola. He always picks on me and I am not surprised that he picks this occasion to pick on me again.

“So do both of you know why you are here?” the Dean asks

The first thing that crosses my mind is if the whole thing with Fola got to school and the management pulled this trick to get us to talk together or to make up.

“No, we don’t” it was Hauwa who responded

“Look at this” the Dean motions for us to come closer and I see my SOC328 examination script. Beside it is Hauwa’s script, and then reality sets in. they have got to be kidding me. There is no way I would have copied Hauwa or vice versa. The thing is how do I prove this when our answer to no 5 is identical. How could it happen? This was impossible.

“Why did you cheat when you know the rules and regulations?” Dr Garba asked me

“Sir, I did not cheat” I said

“Are both of you not friends?” the Dean asks

I look at Hauwa and she is looking at me

“No, we are not” we say it at the same time.

“Sir, they are lying. These two are friends” Mr. Ayoola told the Dean. I felt like slapping his face

“I want the both of you to say the truth. Are you friends” The Dean asks us again

“No sir. We are not” I said, looking him in the face. Bolu always says it’s not respectful to look your elders in the eye. Please.

“If you are not friends, how come you both have the same answers?” Dr Garba asks

“Sir…” Hauwa is cut short by the Dean

“It is bad enough you’re summoned here for examination malpractice but denying the obvious is totally unacceptable. Your lecturer knows the two of you well, considering the fact that at the beginning of the course; the two of you sat down together a couple of times. We really don’t want to hear whatever you have to say. To think we actually planned on having mercy on the both of you considering the fact that you both are in your final year. Thanks for coming and we will inform you of the verdict”

The next thing I knew I was out of his office. Hauwa came out, looked at me, hissed and walked away. How did I get to this point? This is bad. Really bad. Can you imagine? Even if Hauwa was still my friend, I will never copy her work, I mean everyone knows intelligence is far from her but she stole my boyfriend from under my nose so maybe she is not that dumb after all.

I walk to my car and as I enter, I murmur a prayer to God ‘God, I need help. Vindicate me, please. You know I did not cheat, help me please, this is my final year. Thank you. Amen’. With that said, I turn on the ignition and drive off. Somehow, I know it will all work itself out.


(Bola walks in through the door to the house and meets Bolu and Boma in the sitting room, watching a movie on DVD)

BOLA: Hola! (They turn to face her)

BOLU & BOMA: Hey you!

BOLU: How did it go?

BOMA: Who did you ‘copy’?

BOLA: Hauwa (she takes a seat opposite them)

BOMA: Hauwa? Really?

BOLA: Yes oh. Apparently our No 5 was the same.


BOLU: So did you explain to them that it was just a big mistake and that you will never cheat in an examination?

BOLA: Did not get a chance for that

BOMA: Why?

BOLA: The first question they asked was if we were friends.

BOMA: OMG! What did you say?

BOLA: What did you think I said?

BOLU: That you were friends?

BOLA & BOMA: Excuse you?

BOLU: What did I say?

BOMA: Hauwa is the enemy

BOLU: Since when?

BOLA: Since she slept with my boyfriend when we were still in a relationship

BOLU: First, he is no more your boyfriend. Second, you need to get over it.

BOLA: Easy for you to say.

BOLU: What happened to forgiveness and compassion?

BOLA: I have forgiven her but it doesn’t make what she did OK. Please

BOMA: So what did Hauwa say when she was in the room

BOLA: That we were not friends

BOMA: She has got some nerve

BOLU: OK? So it’s ok for you not to consider her a friend but when she does the same she is wrong? I really don’t get you guys.

BOMA: (coughs) You are not supposed to understand. (Coughs again) She is supposed to be seeking forgiveness. (She coughs again)

BOLU: Are you OK? (Boma keeps coughing and she coughs out blood)


BOMA: Call my doctor (She hands her phone to Bolu, who quickly calls the doctor. Boma is still coughing when Bolu and Bola take her to the hospital)


I have never been so scared in my life. It’s funny how most times we think we know someone and the next thing they give us the shocker of our lives. I mean, Bola and Boma go way back and I have known her for a while. I just don’t know how we never knew she had sickle cell anemia. She seemed fine, so full of life. This is Boma we are talking about here. To make matters worse, in the middle of one of her crisis, she is diagnosed with pneumonia. Perfect. Just perfect.

I walk down the hospital hall back to where Bola was sitting. Shock was written over my sister’s face. I took a seat beside her.

“The doctor said he has called her parents. They are taking the next available flight to Nigeria” I told her

“OK” my sister starts to cry. I can tell she is scared. I am too.

“Don’t worry. She is going to be fine” I assured her

“How didn’t she tell us? Why did she hide it all this years? Why?”

I don’t know. I should be the one asking and Bola should be the one defending her friend. The thing is I am clueless. Maybe she was scared. Maybe she did not want us to pity her. God help her.

Boma’s doctor, Dr Suleiman, walks towards us

“You can go and see her. She is stable now”

We get up and walk slowly down the hallway into Boma’s room.

“Hey guys” Boma said as she smiled weakly at us. Her voice was so faint; she must have coughed her voice out.

“Hey you. How you doing now?” Bola said as she took a seat beside Boma. I sat on the bed, holding her hands.

“I am better. I am used to this ‘crisis’ as they call it. It’s ok. I am going to be back in full form very soon.

“Baby, this is different. You have pneumonia now” I said. I really don’t know why I had to say that.

“Really guys. You need to chill OK? I am going to be fine. I need you guys to be strong for me. This is one of the few reasons why I don’t tell anyone this. Everybody tends to make a big fuss about it” she said

“We’re sorry” Bola and I said together. Boma smiled and we had to also. She looks beautiful when she smiles.

“Wait till my mum gets here. You will feel I have been diagnosed with lung cancer” Boma said

“It’s what parents do” I told her

“You got that right. Thanks guys for your help and all. I really appreciate it. I just need time alone now. Go home. Do the things you need to do alright? I will be fine” she said

“Boma we have to…” Bola was cut short

“I insist. Please guys” She said. Bola made eye contact with me, signaling for us to take our cue. She gives her a hug and she walks out of the room. I can tell my sister was going out to cry. As for me, I tell her goodbye and plant a kiss on her forehead.

That was my first official kiss with Boma


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these are nice twist to the story...Bola allegedly cheating and Boma has sickle cell anemia...omg i hope Boma is gonna be Bolu and Boma has never kiss?hmm and where are Boma parent..i dont think it was ever mentioned...

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LMAO at that Mr Ayoola character! "Sir, these two are lying, they are friends!" So funny... :D

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