Monday, November 30, 2009

New Kiss and Tell

It has been a week since Boma has being in the hospital and I have been praying non-stop for her. She is my friend and I miss her. I miss talking to her on the phone. I miss all our sleepovers. I miss doing my assignments with her or going shopping with her or just chilling at my crib with her.
I am in school right now with my folks. The school has sent for them because they want to prepare them for the verdict they want to pass. Honestly, I know I did not cheat and I am expecting God to come through for me. My parents are inside the Dean’s office and they are talking to him. I have no clue what is going in there but it has to be all working out for good for me.

I get a text on my phone. It is from Fola
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEW TEXT MESSAGE FROM FOLA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Hey. We need 2 talk. Can we meet up 2nyt @ CY’s? U kno dis is important

Honestly. I want to talk to him. There is so much I want to ask him. So much that I deserve to know. When was it OK to just decide that you want out; that all the promises that were made are all of a sudden are gone? I really want to know. I reply the text

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TEXT MESSAGE FROM BOLA TO FOLA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
No problem. 8pm. U had beta b on tym

I honestly cannot wait to see him. There is so much we need to talk about. I kind of feel nervous already. I mean hanging out with Fola was… I don’t know…

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEW TEXT MESSAGE FROM FOLA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
No wahala. Can’t w8 to see u!

Does he expect me to reply this text? What exactly does he want me to say? Oh me too. I have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. In his wildest dreams. He had better be on time though. I can’t even shout.

I was on the second chapter on Max Lucado’s “He Chose the Nails” when I hear the door open and I knew Bola had returned with our folks. I have been praying since morning that my sister’s name is cleared. The consequences of being in that position is not cool at all.
I run down the stairs and my dad is on the couch and Bola is resting her head on his lap. My mum is already in the kitchen.
“Ekabo sir. How did it go?” I greet my father and I take a seat opposite him.
“We bless God. He showed himself strong” My father said. Bola seats up now and has a grin.
“Lemme guess, you were cleared?” I said
“Duh!” She says. I throw a pillow at her. I am so happy for her. Yesterday, my sister was a nervous wreck. She even came to my room last night because she could not sleep. I am really happy for her.
“So what did they say?” I asked. I mean if they were clearing her, there had to be a reason for clearing her. They could not just clear her out of the blue.
“Well, Dad explained the whole beef between Hauwa and I to the dean”
“It is a lie. Daddy?” I am like SUPER surprised.
“Why are you acting surprised? I can be a spontaneous you know”
We burst into laughter. It was my dad we are talking about here. I am really happy that they were able to prove the similarities in the answers were purely coincidental. I could hear my mum complaining from the kitchen about how we lack food supplies in the house and how we needed to eat. It felt good. I love my family. I just hope that someday, Boma gets to become a FULL member of it.

(It is 8:20pm when Bola walks into CY’s. She is wearing a blue t-shirt with a brown waist coat and blue skinny jeans with high heeled shoes. She then scans the area for Fola and she sees him reading a magazine at the end of the room. She goes over there and takes her seat opposite him)
FOLA: (looks up from the magazine and smiles) You look amazing
BOLA: I know. So what is this meeting about?
FOLA: Do you want anything?
BOLA: No thank you
FOLA: I insist.
BOLA: Water
FOLA: Just water? (Bola looks at him and he knows he had crossed the line. He stands up goes and gets the water and gets himself a drink) Here you go
BOLA: (Reaches to get the water) Thank you. OK. Start talking. I don’t have all day. I have to wake up early to give my folks a ride to the airport tomorrow.
FOLA: How are they?
BOLA: They are good
FOLA: Why is Bolu not giving them the ride?
BOLA: How is that your business?
FOLA: Can’t I ask a honest question now?
BOLA: Honestly Fola. I don’t have all day
FOLA: OK. How you been?
BOLA: I have been good… never better.
FOLA: Do you think of me? Because I do think of you. A lot!
BOLA: Fola, don’t even start. Please
FOLA: Are you telling me to ignore the feelings I have for you because I don’t think I can
BOLA: Why are you so twisted and confused? Why do you feel that you can just show up out of nowhere and play with my emotions? What do you take me for? A fool?
FOLA: You are getting it wrong
BOLA: I had better be.
FOLA: I want things to go back to the way they used to be
BOLA: Honestly, I cannot remember how things used to be. I don’t know how I feel about you. A part of me wants to go back but a HUGE part of me wants to move on. And I think I want to go with the latter.
FOLA: I think it’s the other way around. A huge part of you wants to be with me. Follow your heart Bola. Be true to it.
BOLA: I am done thinking with my heart Fola. I use my head now. I was created to think with it. Good day, Fola
(Bola stands up and leaves the building, Fola is still in shock. He still can’t believe what just happened and that it was over. REALLY OVER)


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