Friday, November 20, 2009

IM Converstaion btw Fola Carter to Hauwa

Fola Carter is fola.carter
Hauwa is 2hot2handle

fola.carter: What happened btw u and Bola @ d dean's office
2hot2handle: gud mornin 2 u 2...wat did she tell u?
fola.carter: she is not speaking to me...she spoke to boma tho
2hot2handle: nd wat did  that one say?
fola.carter: are u fighting with her 2?
2hot2handle: u don't wanna know
fola.carter: anyways, she says you and her had a face off at the dean's office
2hot2handle: well I tried to talk to her but she had to be a bitch about the whole thing
fola.carter: u don't say that about people.
2hot2handle: honestly, please... what is she being so self righteous about?? Not like we were going out? It was just sex
fola.carter: whateve... I am not interested anymore
2hothandle: you're joking right?
fola.carter: I am not. I am still in love with Bola
2hot2handle: don't love her...ur just missing the hype of dating a popluar abuja girl
fola.carter: whatever...bye
2hot2handle: u can wave it know u want me...anyways...ltr... xoxo

Fola emails this conversation to Boma... he then calls her up


(Boma is trying to get some sleep in her hospital ward. Bolu and Bola just stepped did her folks. Her phone rings and she sees Fola's caller ID)

BOMA: (Sounding tired) Wassup?
FOLA: How you doing? You sound tired?
BOMA: I am and this hospital bed is killing me
FOLA: Sorry. I tried to talk to Hauwa
BOMA: You did. Did you call her?
FOLA: No. We chatted.
BOMA: Why don't you learn? How do you expect her to take what you said seriously... You IMed her for God's sake... You want to call it quits with someone, to do it face to face or you call the person... Anyways, you broke up with Bola via SMS so I am not surprised
FOLA: That's not fair. If I had gone to her house... we might have had sex
BOMA: Are you saying you can't control your....your self?? up to your name and don't be a wimp. So what did she say?
FOLA: She said I was gonna come back to her
BOMA: Now you will hang up now and call her and end it for real... since you are scared of going to her house? Do you hear me?
FOLA: OK. What of Bola?
BOMA: Leave her to me. She is my best friend. I will get her to listen to what you have to say... but I am not guaranteeing anything oh!! She may still love you but she is opinionated and strong willed
FOLA: OK... I emailed you the conversation I had with Hauwa...
BOMA: Why did you do that?
FOLA: I don't know. I guess...
BOMA: (Laughs) Do what you have to do Fola... I will check it out when I leave the hospital
FOLA: OMG! I am sorry. I forgot you were still admitted
BOMA: It's allowed... Take care sha
FOLA: You too... thank you so much Boma. I really appreciate it
BOMA: Yea whatever bye (smiles)
FOLA: Bye (Click)


Harry-Rami Itie said...

This is showing the side of Fola people don't really know...

Princess X said...

WOW... so he has a soft side too? I still think he's not a very nice person! >:(

Myne Whitman said...

Is he for real? It's not consistent.

neefemi said...

hmmmm....not sure how i feel abt this - esp with boma trying to help Fola

HYAW said...

seems like a nice story. it's been long i read something written in this format. keep it up

Qube The Wordsmith said...

personally i tink he's mega confused. N an ashewo.
Bola shuld not go bck. Love d story by d way.

Sugarking said...

lol @ Qube. yeah he's an Ashewo alright. I sabi dem. lol

cici said...

lets see whats gonna happen now oo..but i dont think they should get back together (bola and fola)...*hint hint*

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