Monday, November 23, 2009

New Kiss & Tell: Fola and Bolu??? Are they connecting???

OK... so we are going back... before the conversation with Hauwa or Boma... we are going back to the to the day where Fola was in Boma's hospital room...

Don’t call me desperate but I have been looking at Boma’s room now for a long time. What are they talking about? When did they start talking heart to heart? This is serious oh. Anyways, I know Boma is actually lashing him out, telling him that he is a jerk and that he will forever regret letting me go. I know her. She has my best interest at heart. Forever and ever.
The door opens and I quickly cross my legs and act like I am reading one health magazine like that. Fola walks out and weird enough, he approaches me.
“Can we talk?” he asks
“I think I already tried that, apparently it didn’t work out” I told him
“Why are you making things difficult?” I felt like slapping him. What kind of question was he asking me? Is he high?
“Oh now I am the one who is making things difficult? If you don’t have anything reasonable you might as well go back to your house” I told him. The guy was pissing me off
“You really should hear me out. Let’s talk about this like grown-ups”
I stared at him in disbelief. He actually really wanted to talk. It was absolutely unnecessary; I mean who did he think he was? Did he think he could just stride here in his high horse and demand to want to talk? He must be joking.
“Look Fola. I think you should leave me alone. I honestly don’t feel like holding a conversation with you right now” I told him
He takes a seat beside me “I know how you feel and…”
“You what? You know how I what?” I asked him
“Maybe I didn’t mean that, what I was trying to say was…” I stood up before he could finish saying anything. I think I have had enough.

(Bolu’s phone rings and no caller ID shows on the phone)
BOLU: Hello?
MS. CHIMA: Pastor Bolu. The sexiest pastor I know
BOLU: Umm, sorry, please who is this?
MS. CHIMA: Don’t tell me you have forgotten me so soon. It’s me, Ms. Chima.
BOLU: Oh. Good evening ma.
MS. CHIMA: Oh please. You don’t have to greet me like that. You know we connect on a deeper level than that.
BOLU: We do?
MS. CHIMA: Stop the act. I need you here Bolu. Where are you?
BOLU: Ma, you know more I no longer work for you so you can’t call me out of the blue and demand my presence.
MS. CHIMA: Oh yes I can. Bolu, I run things OK. Trust me, I know how to make you or mar you. For goodness sake, I employed you in the first place.
BOLU: I don’t know ma. My girlfriend is sick and she needs me now
MS. CHIMA: I am at home. See you in ten (Click)
At this point, Bolu wishes the ground will open and swallow him. Literally.

I am in Boma’s room and her parents are here. I love the Akpofure family and I grew up wishing I was a member of the family. It was like they had everything going for them. They loved their daughter on a whole different plane and it was amazing. The bible says though that ‘when I was a child, I thought like a child’, I think now I have put out childish thoughts. People have different ways of expressing love. My parents may have expressed their love differently but it did not change the fact that they loved me, unconditionally.
Love. I have been thinking a whole lot and maybe Fola actually loves me. You can never tell you know. I mean we have memories together. That is what makes this so hard. Inasmuch as I know that he was wrong and I should put him completely away, I still love him. You won’t understand because you may not know how I felt when I was around him. It was like he knew what I was thinking and I knew what he was thinking. It was incredible and the feeling is something I miss. There is no one that gets me like Fola. Bolu and Boma get me but not the way Fola does.
Mrs. Akpofure snaps into my thoughts. “We will be back soon. Do you need us to get you anything?”
“No ma. Thank you” I replied. They take their leave and it’s just me and Boma in the room
“Maybe you should hear him out” Boma said. She wasn’t facing me, she was looking at the television screen. She knew I was thinking of him.
“Serious. You actually think that?” I asked her. I knew what she was going to say. Maybe, I just needed to hear it from someone else’s mouth.
“I know you hate his guts right now but hey, you never know. Just take a chance and hear what he has to say. It won’t hurt you know” she tells me. I look at my friend and smile. She made perfect sense.

I walk into The Zone and order a bottle of beer. I needed to get alcohol into my system. I don’t know how it happened but I found myself having sex with Ms. Chima AGAIN. Does she use jazz or something? I really don’t see how I will leave Boma and Bola in the hospital and go and have sex with my ex-boss. Did I feel threatened by what she told me or what? Could she really mess with my future? I mean you can never be too sure.
I am halfway through my second drink when I see Fola walking towards me with his dink in his hand. I am doomed. I think I have officially dragged my name in the mud.
“Wow. Does Bola know you drink now?” he asked as he took a seat beside me. I could not answer him because I honestly did not know what to say. It was almost like he was mocking me.
“It is just funny; I mean you are supposed to be ‘born-again’, right?” I am beginning to feel like he is out to frustrate me.
“You don’t know me Fola so please stop making assumptions and I am not supposed to be born again, I AM born again. There is a difference” I tell him
“OK. Forgive me”
“Why do you hate the Christian faith?” I had to ask him
“I don’t”
“You don’t? I mean explain the dumping my sister when she decides to take her walk with God seriously or the remarks you pass about Christians or the fact that seeing me in a bar drinking is a good story for your blog”
“My blog?”
“I know about your blog. The Ramblings of an Angry Atheist. I follow the blog, so I know” I could tell he was shocked
“How did you know, I am an anonymous blogger?” He said. He was still very shocked that I had it all figured out.
 “Well, Larin Cart gives you away. Your name is Adefolarin Carter so I honestly don’t know how Larin Cart is discreet”
“Honestly, I don’t hate the Christian faith. I just hate to see the way religion messes people up”
“Messes people up. How do you mean?”
“OK. My dad obviously is a politician and during the last campaign, he and my mum went from church to church for prayers and different things. My mum comes around and gives us water to drink from one pastor or oil to rub on our skin from one prophet. She has water she sprinkles in our house from time to time and it makes her look gullible. Like she will believe anything anyone under the guise of a pastor or prophet tells her. This one time she gave a prophet N250, 000.00 for towels for all of us. Its sick and I hate to see people deceived like that. It doesn’t make any sense”
“I get your point but you know it is not a basis to judge every Christian. The fact that most politicians are corrupt does not mean everyone is or the fact that there are ‘prophets’ who deceive people in the name of being messengers from God or the fact that I am drinking in a bar doesn’t mean that anyone who is a Christian is faking it. That is what even distinguishes the Christian faith from all forms of religion. It is not based on works or some bunch of rules but how you live your life”
“So what happens to the ten commandments and all the bunch of rules in the Bible and please don’t give me the Old Testament-New Testaments thing; there are still a bunch of rules you can find in the New Testaments like the one about not being unequally yoked with unbelievers”
“Well those are not rules. They are just laws of life. We serve a Holy God and the best we can do is be holy as He is. He sends His son to die on the cross for our sins, I mean that is a proof of his unconditional love for us. The best we can do is live our lives to the glory of His name”
Fola gulps his drink down and out his glass on the table. He is silent for a while and I am wondering what is going on in his mind. He looks at me and I almost feel like I have reached him.
“I think that is all crap” he told me
“Why?” I ask.
“It sounds like crap. Listen to yourself speak. What makes you think your God is holy? What about the gods of other religions? All of y’all are basically confused. You know that right?”
“I don’t. I am not confused. I have an experience with him. I have seen Him do things in my life so I know that He is real.”
“So why you here in a bar consuming alcohol?” he asked me
“I guess I am an ungrateful unrepentant guy who is trying to find out where it all went wrong”
“Good luck with that OK? I gotta go now”
“Take care and nice talking to you”
“You too”


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i like your style, i guess i'm behind i need to catch up lol!

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Ok I'm gettin addicted.I like d twist goin on btw Fola n Bola...

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The more you write, the better it gets. This is a great instalment I like the suspense

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like this

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Hmmn..thanks guys...there's more sha...

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Princess X said...

LOL at the last dialogue... Some people are quite hard to reach, and it doesnt help if we're also not "being the light of the Earth" because it gives them reason not to believe too...

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wow it keeps getting better and better...well bolu messed up big time this time around..., how can he sleep with her again? common!

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definitely like! :) Smiley Face.

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